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The Guadalupe River 

A view of the Guadalupe River from approx 2nd Crossing bridge - where the property ends. Camp Milagro has several homes and buildings on it, including "The Cabins".  There is 1/3 mile of river frontage that is easy-entry (see right side of photo - you could be parked along this drive and sitting in the river - almost as far as your eye can see 

Getting to the River

From the front door of 'The Cabins', there is about 1 mile hike/drive through a rocky ravine that connects its 12 acres to the adjoining 78 acres of Camp Milagro.  To make the hike, be prepared for a steep, rocky journey.  To drive, a 4WD/AWD is required (see below for a video of the drive). A vehicle in 2WD will NOT make the steep incline/decline. 

With a 4WD, guests are able to get to the adjoining property (part of Camp Milagro) and find The Guadalupe River! Without a 4WD/AWD vehicle, it is easy to drive around the river and enter our other entrance... it will take a little longer, but it is a beautiful drive along River Road.

We have 1/3+ mile of river frontage which offers several sweet spots... many areas to easily get in and out of the river, to grab a tube and float, get a beach chair and relax, and so much more. Along the riverbank, the huge pecan trees offer lots of shade when you're ready for a break from the sun. Along the path and near the river - you may want to set up some of our games (cornhole, washers, etc); have a picnic on the tables provided - almost anything you could want, we have. 

A video of the drive from The Cabins at Camp Milagro to the Guadalupe River (vehicle used was a GMC AWD Yukon Denali). Drive not possible with 2WD or in rainy weather.

A video of the drive from The Guadalupe River back to The Cabins at Camp Milagro  (vehicle used was a GMC AWD Yukon Denali). Drive not possible with 2WD or in rainy weather & much steeper on the way back!

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