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CoVid-19 Updates: June 2020

Current laws in Texas and in Comal County, include: social distancing, face masks in some areas, the closing of bars, occupancy restrictions at various locations, as well as the closing of Commercial Raft/Tube Companies.

How will this affect your upcoming vacation? Well, that depends... other than the obvious impact of night life and restaurants - like everywhere else; it should make very little difference to your time at Camp Milagro. River life is still going strong... and remember, as a guest, you will have access to 1/3 mile of river frontage! Chillaxin' in the river is just one of the highlights of being here.

Still want to Tube, here's some tips:

  • We have tubes to borrow. We've just order and received a dozen floats!

  • Pack the tubes and drive up river, there are many locations allowing you to day park or do a drop off (for a nominal fee). Float back down to us! Get out right here at Camp Milagro. Can't be easier than that!

  • Once finished toobin', then get ready to really have fun in the river by hangin' here!

Come see us, have some fun & make some memories!

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