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Status of our new bridge

Part of the dilemma with the cabins is the terrain between them and the river. It could always have been reached with a 4WD & some guests even bring their own ATV's. But with more infrastructure, comes the need for more infrastructure (land issues).

With that, we have recently (4/2022) added a new bridge on our property that more easily connects our 12 acres with our 78 acres & Guadalupe River frontage.

As of this posting, there is still much to do for aesthetics... but it is now 'easily' crossable. We have multiple vehicles on our property, and I would drive all of them with the exception of our sports cars (low to the ground, tire concerns). Otherwise, everything from our pickups, SUVs, and crossovers would all make it.

As we continue to add and improve, we will also bring in more gravel to make the drive more smoothly. We would always caution in rainy conditions, but perhaps that's the worrywart in me :)

Plan on coming to see our newest addition for yourself!

Safe travels,


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