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Heading to the river?

To reach the Guadalupe River from The Cabins at Camp Milagro is less than a mile... it is possible to hike it (if you're into that kind of thing) or you can cut across our adjoining property with the proper vehicle (4WD/AWD). A vehicle in 2WD CAN NOT make the trip - REPEAT: a 2WD (or 4WD not in proper gear) will NOT be able to make the decline and ESPECIALLY the returning incline. Below is a drive made with an AWD SUV, its hard to see the level of terrain .... but if you watch the video all the way through, you'll be able to see all the property along the riverbank. I doubt I ever drive faster than 10mph (& maybe its the music....)... anyway, enjoy!

This video leads from The Cabins at Camp Milagro, down our path (through the ravine), by the windmill, RV & Faust House; you round the corner to see The Guadalupe River - by continuing over the bridge, you will see several ideal places to enjoy - it ends at our other metal gate. FYI: This trip was driven with a AWD GMC Yukon.

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