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Ready to go 'toobin'?

Although it might seem easier and cheaper to bring your own floats, getting on the river is a different story. Guadalupe River is surrounded by private property, like ours.

When bringing your own tubes, you need to find a place to 'put in'. There are places up river that normally charge a per person fee (approx $10/pp) to park and 'put in' at their place. You can then float down to us, where you'll need to have a car in order to be taken back up to get your other vehicle(s)... What you need: tubes (although store bought ones aren't as durable), air compressor, transportation for yourself & floats (not as many floats fit in the back of a truck as some may think). After a day of sun, water, drinking... driving isn't recommended. (Pro: save a little $)

Another option, is walking across the bridge and renting tubes from Roy's Rentals. Currently, they charge $17pp. You choose how long you float (ranges vary: 1.5 hours- 6 hours). They will drop you off 'up river'; then you float back to Roy's, walk/drive back across the bridge to Camp Milagro. (Pros: zero/limited driving, stay in the water until Roy's closes, better tubes for rocky bottom of the river, extra tubes are free for coolers/speakers)

If you do have your own tubes, we encourage you to still bring them. Once you blow them up, tie yourself to a tree and just floating in front of our place is great! What you need: tubes, air compressor & rope

We may have a couple of tubes for you to borrow, but not made for 'toobin'.

Hope this helps when planning on 'toobin' the Guadalupe!

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