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River Trip Essentials

The Essentials you will want and NEED:

1) Tubes

To bring your tubes or not:

As of this post & in the mist of Co-Vid with River Outfitters being closed, you can't rent tubes. Luckily, you can borrow some from Camp Milagro (we have 12) or bring your own. Don't forget its important to plan on blowing them up (our 12 are already blown) and transporting them (important) - you'll need to bring straps, bungee cords - LOTS OF THEM

2) Cooler

If you're planning on floating the river you will need an ice chest (& a float for it?). Plan for it to be big enough to last hours on the river. Bring PLENTY of ice and drinks! Do not forget water (dehydration is the #1 reason for hospital visits).

3) Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

You will be glad you invested in a "good" waterproof speaker. Makes the trip that much more enjoyable!!

4) Water Protection for phone

Keeping your phone safe and secure is important - obviously (same with a portable charger!)! Your phone will be essential for the bluetooth speaker, contacting others, photos, etc. Not only having your phone protected but tying it off to something is important! If it gets loose & sinks, then keeping it dry, won't matter if its lost.

* For hours of bluetooth hookup, having a small, good, portable charger is a good 'extra - extra' for your phone!

5) Sunscreen - this should be #1 Priority!

The worst part of being on the river is being stuck on slow moving water, in the blazing hot sun and being burned emergency style. You WILL get sun... protect yourself! Repeat: Protect Yourself!

6) Drinks & Snacks

Up with the cooler & ice, you will be adding drinks. It is SO important to PACK WATER (Do NOT let yourself get dehydrated). Stopping and getting out of the river is not easy (& maybe not possible) most of the river is private owners on both sides - so know your destination. Besides sodas, beer & other drinks, it is great to have snacks. Hours of drinking alcohol is dangerous without food. Depending on where you put in & get out, you might find a restaurant (The Float House?).... but there aren't many -Bring snacks!

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