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What to do while you're here....

Several guests have worried how they would entertain their family/children while staying at Camp Milagro.

Of course, we can't say your children won't be bored but there is plenty to keep them busy.

Having the proper shoes will be imperative....

Seeing the 12 acres (or 90 acres) can be a wonderful way to spend most mornings. There are so many great views and each is a different experience depending on the time of day or time of year. Of course, a hike to the river is a nice way to get 'some steps' in.

We have a ton of games.... from cornhole to dominoes and most things in between. Getting those competitive souls to take a break for a bite might be a challenge in itself.

Our dipping pool is the right mix of relaxation and cooling off.

Many late nights have been spent around our fire-pit.... we can only imagine the stories, the fun, the memories!

You will only be as bored as you allow yourself to be....

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