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Why Camp Milagro .... versus other places...

Updated: May 19, 2021

Of course, we are partial to our property - but we want to share the pros and cons on our place versus other vacation rental properties around the area.

I. Privacy

Camp Milagro is on 90 acres of private property - of that, 12 acres is reserved for "The Cabins at Camp Milagro"; it shares the additional 72 acres with the owner and caretaker. No worries about disturbing others.

II. Just close enough to the river

Ever stayed at one of the vacation homes "ON" the river and right on top of itsneighbors? You won't forget it, I hope you don't get stuck next to a group of rowdy teenagers. The music, the road traffic, the lack of privacy - any of these can get overwhelming and make all the difference when vacationing.

With a short drive ALL on Camp Milagro property (with 4WD/AWD vehicle), you have complete access to river frontage. All on our private property. The Cabins are less than 1 mile to the river frontage - just cut across our property along the trail/drive.

III. Plenty of river space

With 1/3 mile of river frontage we have more space along the river than almost any other private residence. Its enough space to find your perfect spot: shallow or deep, picnic area, smooth walk-in and even a quick float.

IV. Perfect for all ages

No matter who's in your group, the privacy we offer is perfect to be able to enjoy your time here. When you are on top of neighbors, you can't control the music & noise, the intake of smoke and alcohol others consume, etc.

We can't control what goes on IN the river, but no worries about affecting others or others affecting you. Something to consider when traveling with children, older folks or people that aren't interested in 'partiers'.

V. Just enough fun

Again, with our frontage, you can be right in the mix of fun in the river, turn your music as loud as you want, float, drink, eat, party.... Or you can pull back enough that it's just you and your group.

VI. Getting what you pay for

We try to price our property to get enough of a quality client. We don't want guests that don't value our cabins. We want respectful adults. Also, we take the extra step with quality vs quantity. Our upgraded mattresses, bedding, pillows... we manage and replace necessities often, AND we offer full size toiletries, paper products, all the basics. We don't want you spending your time, money, energy at the grocery store buying toilet paper or dishwashing liquid, everything - like MOST other vacation rentals.

Our staff lives on the adjoining property - great pride is taken in cleanliness, in repairs, and all the details that make our place so very special. See a problem, give us a call and it will be handled immediately - we want to help!

VII. This will be a place you return

We have guests return year after year (if not several times a year). This is an investment you won't be sorry about. It is worth it.

VIII. Downside

The number 1 regret is guests not booking a long enough stay. When available, we've been happy to have guests add on to their stay. However, we sometimes are booked and not able to extend the timing. When booking, plan on enough time to really enjoy yourself.

Another downside, is not having availability. My number one suggestion, is find a week that works for your family and book it for next year and then every future year.

Come have an Experience! You won't regret it!

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