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Your summer vacation plans....

In 2020, there is so much unknown. If you've been practicing social distancing, stuck home with the same ol' people, views, walls, etc... It gets old! Its more than 1/2 way through the year and other than the temperature, not much has changed.

Considered a vacation - but worried about the 'what ifs': what if I have to fly, what if I get stuck going/coming, what are the conditions of where I'm going?????

A popular trend right now is renting a RV and doing some sightseeing on 'your terms'. That sounds great! I've imagined myself with a retro Airstream: setting up camp, looking cute, enjoying Mother Nature... but I/we also have "the luck" - and its not always good.

* Driving and pulling an oversized vehicle is one of the most nerve-racking things I can imagine!

* We are probably in a drought right now, but if a freak monsoon were to happen it would probably be while I'm in a RV.

* I love my family & friends but being cooped up with them in a tuna can can make even the calmest person - tense.

(Side note: It was terrible seeing the RVs parked across the river and the CRAZY storms we had blow in back to back ... and THEN the flood gates were released at the damn with the anticipation of more rain. The water, the scrambling, the racing to move out RVs, the picnic tables floating - Wow!!... you might find videos in my instagram)

Other alternatives: this might be a great time to try an AirBnb... stay close to home but far enough to make it a vacation. Try to find a place (like ours) with some space... visiting another suburb or apartment - really defeats the purpose. Find a happy medium: plenty of space, the great outdoors and individual private areas/bedrooms.

The Cabins at Camp Milagro sits on 12 acres with an additional 78 accessible to river frontage, 6 individual bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms - lots of places to be alone, but common spaces to enjoy one another! With 1/3 mile river frontage, YOU can choose to be 6", 6' or 60' feet from the next floater on the Guadalupe.

This might be the time to 'get out', vacation AND still feel safe.

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